"Legal assistance is of great importance to companies that come to Brazil from abroad, and for us, Florece’s large experience was fundamental."
— Mr. Jonny Altstadt – Director, HERRENKNECHT do Brasil Máquinas e Equipamentos Ltda.


One of the most striking features on entering the cozy house located in one of São Paulo’s most traditional neighborhoods is the feeling of exclusivity. We understand the importance of custom-made, attentive and special service. More than 50 years of experience guiding each advice, every decision, every solution in this way of working. That's what we offer each of our clients.

The office that gave rise to today’s Florence2 & Advogados arose in 1951, when jurists Dr. Heinrich Reinach, founder and editor of the magazine "Steuer und Wirtschaft", and Dr. Hans Schnitzlein of the University of Würzburg , co-founder and vice-president of the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry, both Germans, founded it in São Paulo. That same year, Francisco Florence graduated as a lawyer and began an intense and brilliant career.

Dr. Francisco Florence

Juan Manuel Altstadt, Herrenknecht

After working for three years as a São Paulo State Judge, in 1959 Francisco Florence started collaborating with Dr. Hans Schnitzlein. During this period, he got to know the large German companies that were beginning to come to Brazil, learned a new language and actively witnessed the large changes in the Brazilian business scenario. In 1965, the Schnitzlein and Florence partnership was constituted, which became Florence & Advogados a while later, with the death of Dr. Schnitzlein.

With 65 years of experience and practice, the office, today headed by Antonio Florence, has a well-defined path in history and continues to collaborate with the economic and technological growth of the Brazilian market. The knowledge accumulated over many years gives us security and harmony to face any kind of global scenario and business challenges in a strategic and effective way.


We understand that in a globalized and diminishing world, we must also expand our territories. A new page of our history begins to be written in 2016, when Antonio Florence transfers his residence to Lisbon and subscribes to the Portuguese Bar Association, seeking greater proximity to clients and opening new areas of opportunity such as, mainly, partnerships with Portuguese colleagues in the service of their clients with investments in Brazil and servicing new South American clients interested in investments in Portugal.