"I love your business model where you focus on the direct involvement with your customers and making use of a network of top specialists in their field and making that network available to your customers"
— Sr. Senno van der Velde, responsible for setting up FrieslandCampina in Brazil.


Our practice is mainly in providing services to European companies interested in operating in Brazil, Brazilian and South American companies interested in operating in Portugal and cooperation with Portuguese colleagues in assisting clients with operations in Brazil. We provide legal assistance to companies in the automotive, capital goods, petrochemical, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors. For companies that want to start their operations in Brazil, for us it is essential to ensure that the installation of these businesses takes place in a quick and efficient way. In the case of Brazilian and South American companies interested in establishing in Portugal, our contacts with Portuguese colleagues ensure that this occurs more directly and objectively. We offer services, guidance and assistance in the following areas:

Corporate Law — Organization of companies, mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, joint ventures, restructurings, investment projects, negotiations and issue of contracts, agreements and legal opinions.

Tax Law — Taxes in general, with preparation of judicial and administrative defenses.

Foreign Exchange Law — Foreign capital registration at the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN), remittance of profits/dividends and interest on equity, development and registration of foreign loan agreements and advice in fulfilling obligations established by BACEN for Brazilian and foreign individuals and companies.

Intellectual Property Rights — License Agreements and technology transfer, patent and brand law.

Civil and Commercial Law — Contracts in general, especially for rental, purchase and sale of real estate, supply and service contracts.

Civil Procedural Law — Legal proceedings, acting in litigation mainly in commercial and civil causes, coordination and regular reports to clients.

Labor Law — Preparation of contracts for executives in addition to acting in litigation, focusing on company defense.

Reiner Eberhardt, Reiter Brazil


With a heritage of over 50 years of experience, Florence2 & Advogados practices mainly in advising international investors, in the organization of companies and cooperation with business in Brazil (joint ventures). During those years, along with a large amount of knowledge, we have also accumulated great professionals and partners who work together, sharing the same values and goals in the areas of:

  • auditing and accounting
  • financial institutions
  • orders for obtaining visas and permanent residence
  • orders for import and export
  • notaries


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